January 26, 2008

How to block a website ? ( E.g. Pron Sites or Malware sites)

Some times we need to block some websites because of adult content or malwares. How we can block a website or domain . Follow these steps shown below.

Go to this folder -- you need administrator privilege to access this folder .

** Create a new folder e.g. "backup" and copy all files inside this folder to backup folder.

Open file named "host" in 'Notepad'.

Now I am going to block these sites "badsite.com" , "malwaresite.com", "adultsite.com" .

Add these line at the end of the file . badsite.com malwaresite.com adultsite.com

*NB: Requires tab space between entries e.g. < tab space > badsite.com

Save this file and Check all blocked sites on your browser .

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