January 10, 2008

How to remove "autorun.inf" from USB Drive ?

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Latest Worms spreads by creating a copy of itself and starts by autorun.inf files. It is essential to remove the malicious autorun.inf files not only from computers but also from USB Drive which is the source.

This "autorun.inf" is not able to see,edit or delete directly and "Cut/Copy/Paste" may not work . To view this file entries

1. Open the USB drive

2. On the folder address bar (path) type (if USB is E:\)


3. To replace this file

A simple procedure to remove/replace this "autorun.inf" is

Create a text file named "autorun.inf" on the desktop, open that file and type "open", save and exit .

4. Now open the USB drive

5. Drag "autorun.inf" from desktop to USB drive ( Do not Copy Paste, Only Drag and Drop ).

6. Right Click "autorun.inf",Go to 'Security' tab ;click 'Advanced' button . Use 'Edit' option to edit each lines in "Permission Entries" and set "Deny" permission to all entries. This settings will prevent viruses from recreating 'autorun.inf'.

NB:*This method worked for me.

The second method

1. Plugin the USB Drive
2. Restart your computer with a bootable Windows XP CD-ROM inside the CD-ROM drive.
3. When Windows Setup screen appears press "R" to go to Recovery Console.
4. Windows Recovery Console will detect your windows installation and will ask you to enter the your choice ( Installation No) , Press "1" .
5. Enter the administrator password, press Enter
6. "C:\" command prompt will come up.
7. Go to USB drive ,eg: E: [Press enter].
Type the following commands [without mistake=""].

Command 1
attrib -hrs autorun.inf

Command 2
edit autorun.inf

DOS Editor will open

Note down the name of "exe" files mentioned on autorun.inf .

Exit DOS Editor .

Type the following commands
attrib -shr file.exe
del file.exe

Remove XP CD and boot your system normally .
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1 comment:

nir said...

so boring u r
just open cmd -->go to pen drive drive letter as h:
-->attrib -s -a -r- h autorun.inf
then type del autorun.inf
this will smashed autorun