April 13, 2008

Tips And Tricks To Remove Computer Virus, Trojans And Other Malware etc

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Now a days Computer Virus, computer Worms, Trojan and other malware are very hard to remove from your computer using anti virus software in normal mode, Sometimes we need to prepare an environment for Anti Virus software to detect and remove Malicious programs. Here i explain some simple procedure or steps before run your Anti-virus to detect and remove Virus from your computer.

1. Disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP)

If you are using Windows XP or Windows ME, You must disable or turn off System Restore before Virus scan because the _Restore folder is protected by default.Anti-virus cannot remove virus or any malicious files inside _Restore folder. Windows prevents outside programs, including anti-virus programs, from modifying System Restore. The System Restore feature is not designed to detect or scan for virus infections or virus activity.
How to disable System Restore ?

2. Update computer anti virus software with latest virus definitions.

Almost all anti virus software have an latest virus definition update feature. Latest Virus definition contains details of information related to latest virus and other threats.

3. Backup system registry.

You must backup System registry before editing the registry because it contains information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, users, preferences of the PC, etc. Any wrong changes will lead you to more problems.
How to backup Windows Registry ?

4. Restart your system in safe-mode.

An operating system in safe mode will have reduced functionality, but the task of isolating problems is easier because many non-core components are disabled (turned off). An installation that will only boot into its safe mode typically has a major problem, such as disk corruption or the installation of poorly configured software that prevents the operating system from successfully booting into its normal operating mode.

How to start your system in safe-mode ?

5. Run a full system virus scan using your updated anti virus program.

All Anti-virus have options to scan your computer completely (e.g: Full System Scan) or scan a particular location or drive (e.g: Custom Scan).

6. Remove any values or subkeys added to registry by Virus.

For extended functionality malicious programs like viruses may add some values or subkeys to the system registry. So we need a registry cleanup.

7. Restore registry values to default

Malicious programs may change default values on system registry to reduce OS functionality or to hide itself from detection. Restore those value to default.

8. Re-Scan to make sure that threat is completely removed

In order to make sure that threat is completely removed from your computer, carry out a full scan of your computer using installed
Anti virus , Anti-spyware Software or use Online Virus scanners .

9. Check integrity and repair all Windows system files.

Check and repair all protected system file using System File Checker tool (SFC).

How to check integrity of all protected Windows system files ?

10. Replace System Files using Recovery Console.[ ** If required **]


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