July 13, 2008

Download Winamp Media Player 5.54

Winamp Media Player 5.54
Winamp lovers can now download Winamp 5.54 which has been released. There are a lots of new features added into Winamp 5.54. New features includes Now Playing window which shows Artist Songs, Videos, Radio and Photos, AOL Radio, Expanded Flash video support, Media Monitor and Language packs available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean etc.

Other Winamp Features:
* iPod Support: Play and manage music on your iPod
* Album Art: Retrieve and view Album Art
* Auto-Tag: Automatically update your song information
* Dynamic Song Recommendations
* Remote Media: Access your media remotely
* Thousands of skins and plug-ins to make Winamp even better
* Free videos, radio stations, MP3 downloads

Winamp Media Player 5.54 Download

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