February 10, 2009

Antivirus from Microsoft. And its free!

Come 2010 and Windows 7 users might spend less amount on their total software tools. Microsoft seems to be considering to offer an anti-virus package with their new OS and that too totally free of cost!

Nicknamed Morro, the new software will reportedly use very minimal resources, which means it should work well with older PCs. In fact, Microsoft says Morro has been specially designed for older PCs and low-spec machines popular in developing nations. In addition to its minimal processor demands, Morro has been developed to use very little bandwidth, making it ideal for those without broadband connections. It is expected to replace the current Microsoft's paid service, the Windows Live One Care. And if the initial trickle of news is to be believed, this free download might even end up on Windows XP as well as on the dreaded Vista.

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