March 19, 2009

Download Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has released their latest web browser Internet Explorer 8. New IE comes with enhanced navigation, increased performance, improved favorites and history management, instant search and web slice features. Microsoft says that IE8 is more secure, it uses SmartScreen Filter which helps protect you against inadvertent installation of malware, or malicious software which can compromise your data, privacy, and identity while also damaging your computer and valuable data.

New Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Filter detect malicious code running on compromised websites, helping to protect you from exploits which can lead to information disclosure, cookie stealing, account/identity theft, and more. These attacks have emerged as a leading online threat so we've included the new Cross Site Scripting Filter to help you stay safer online.
Domain Highlighting is a new and very useful feature which prevent you from Phishing URLs/web address.
Download Internet Explorer 8 .

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