June 14, 2009

Download Opera Mini 4.2 browser for your Mobile Phone

Download Opera Mini 4.2 web browser for your mobile phone more faster than ever before.

This latest version is coming with new features like Skin selection, Personalization, Sync notes, Save it for later, Sync bookmarks and Speed Dial,View pages in Landscape mode, Virtual mouse, Power scrolling shortcuts etc.

I feel that Sync bookmarks and Speed Dial is the most useful feature in Opera Mini 4.2 , this feature allows you to synchronize your bookmarks and Speed Dial with a computer running Opera (9.50). Features like Virtual mouse and View pages in Landscape mode are also good.

Download Opera Mini :

Generic Version
Mobile Phone Model wise
Dowload to Mobile

1 comment:

r4i kaart said...

Darn fast, variety of viewing options like mobile view and zoom, image download ability, somewhat easy page navigation using palm 'ring' button, bookmarking, history recall and visibility,