February 22, 2010

Download Free Anti Rootkits, Anti Malware and Adware removal tools from Sophos

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Free Security scanner, Anti rootkit, Anti malware and Adware removal tools from Sophos a leading Anit-Virus manufactures.

Sophos Threat Detection Test
A free tool from Sophos to access computer and network security, It can scan up to 200 computer for threats and vulnerabilities. This software will
detect malware, spyware, adware , devices like removable media , peer-to-peer software, games etc.
This tool have 30 days automatic updates.
Download Sophos Threat Detection Test

Sophos Anti-Rootkit
A free software from Sophos to scan, detect and remove root kits from your computer. Sophos Anti-Root kit uses advanced root kit detection technology. It has a very simple interface and it is very easy to use. Anti Viruses may not be able to remove root kits because it can remain undetected in the computer. But Anti root kits like his one can detect and remove the threat without any problems. Runs on all Windows systems. Required minimum of 128 MB RAM.
Download Sophos Anti-Rootkit

Aurora Malware Removal Tool
It is a free malware detection and removal tool. Mainly it removes Aurora-related malware that uses an Internet Explorer vulnerability. This tool is very effective to eliminate this threat.
Download Aurora Malware Removal Tool

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