April 19, 2010

How to block Google talk using Squid ?

Google talk is using these address and ports metioned below to connect and authenticate chat sessions.
Google talk ports: 5222,5223,5060,8000
Site Address: google.com and chatenabled.mail.google.com

Our aim is to block Google talk session, at the same time he should be able to use gmail. How to do that ?

ACL (Access Control List) to block Google talk.
I have created an acl named "chat_block", and saved all urls (google talk URLs and ports) in this file "googletalk.txt" .

Copy and paste this rule below this line.

Chat block rule.
acl chat_block url_regex -i 'googletalk.txt'
http_access deny chat_block

Copy paste these line to googletalk.txt

Save and restart squid service

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