March 25, 2008

How Google Docs Works ? : An Excellent Video

Do you want to know "How Google Docs work? " or "What is Google Docs ?". Here is an excellent video describes the working of Google Docs and How its helpful for us .

This videos brilliantly point-out the problems with conventional methods (like emails) while sharing an important document with your friend or relatives or anybody.

Google Docs in Plain English

Google Docs

A simple example shown in this video is ..
1). While you send a document or a spreadsheet as an email attachment to three people same document exist in 4 computer that means 1 document converts into 4 . This is a problem .

2). After sending that document you find an error on that document . What you do ? Resend that mail again or tell them to delete that document.

Google Docs is the solution for theses problems ..Share Docs Online, Centralized management, secure etc .

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