March 26, 2008

W32.Bancorkut@mm - Mass-mailing Worm

W32.Bancorkut@mm is a worm that gathers email address form infected computer by searching .dbx,.wab,.mbx,.eml files and also tries to steal email address from MSN contact list. The worm also attempt to steal email address and passwords from theses sites .

The worm sends emails with these details
Orkut Seu Profile foi Denunciado


Você está infectado(a) por algum Malware/Vírus.
Seu perfil está enviando mensagens ilí [REMOVED] rá apagado. (c) 2008 - e seus fornecedores. Todos os direitos reservados.
Opening this mail may initiate downloading of potentially harmful files to infected computer.

How to remove W32.Bancorkut@mm ?

Source: Symantec

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