April 6, 2008

$20 Domain Name Sold for $2.6m

Mr. Chris Clark a US citizen sold his $20 domain name for $2.6m through an online auction. He was maintaining this domain name since 1994(14 years).

He got this offer from an anonymous bidder after a week long online auction.

Mr Clark registered the domain name in 1994, hoping that pizza.com would help to get a contract with a pizza firm for his consulting company. But he sold his business in 2000 and kept the domain by paying $20 and web site by selling advertisements .

He decided to sell his domain after hearing about domain Vodka.com which was sold for $3m in 2006. The online auction was launched on 27 march and he got his dream offer of $2.6m just after one week.

Source: news.bbc.co.uk

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