April 7, 2008

Youutubee.com : Fake Website with Virus BackDoor.RBot.EA

Threat DetectedYouutubee.com is fake website which is very similar to Youtube.com. This site installs a virus named BackDoor.RBot.EA when you visit this site. The installation method is hidden . There is a warning showing in this site which similar to this one shown below .

When you try to click a link or any thing on this webpage, the browser automatically starts to download a 'BackDoor.RBot.EA' infected file named "setup_axplugin.exe".

Currently AVG Anti-Virus is detecting this virus as soon as you visit this site .

Online virus scanner Virustotal.com
also detected "setup_axplugin.exe" as BackDoor.RBot.EA infected file.

See report here: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/00374d23dd783fd25bdc5e35c5a734da

Screenshot of this website

Screenshot of fake Youtube site

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