August 11, 2008

Branded "Intel Core" - Four Cores On One Piece Of Silicon

Intel's new next generation microarchetecture processors codenamed "Nehalem" will be branded "Intel Core". The new processor series will also carry an "i7" identifier.
There will be a separate black logo for the highest-end offering called the Extreme Edition. These processors will be based on new microarchitecture that will have faster chip-to-chip communication and be better at doing multiple tasks simultaneously--what Intel calls hyper-threading, among other improvements.

Intel websites says that, "The Core i7 processors will also be Intel's first processors to put all four cores on one piece of silicon. (Something that Advanced Micro Devices has already achieved with its Phenom and Opteron processors.)"

"Versions, due later, will be targeted at the server market and, after that, the mobile space, where certain versions will integrate a graphics engine onto the same piece of silicon as the processor."

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